Are Your Bases Loaded?

New Gartner Webcast Reveals the Full Range of Technology Solutions to Help Score More Revenue

If you have a goal to improve revenue for your organization (and who doesn’t these days?!), you should probably look first at what you’re not doing versus the solutions you already have in place. It’s often those empty bases that result in revenue never crossing home plate, so to speak. Ask yourself what bases are presently empty and dig into ideas on how you can load those bases to increase your ‘score.’

If you’re like many institutional providers, you’ve long been treating claims as the ‘home run hitters’, the ultimate keys to getting fully, promptly reimbursed. To that end, you’ve likely incorporated technology solutions into the claims submission processes to automate the effort and scrub files sent for reimbursement. After all, it seems logical that clean, properly submitted claims would be sure to score full reimbursement. However, we all know that’s rarely the case. There’s a long journey between the swing of the bat to the rounding of home plate. In today’s healthcare environment that journey is unpredictable and every step along the way must be addressed to secure the most complete payments possible.

Let’s consider those steps, starting with the metaphorical ‘swing of the bat.’ In the business of healthcare, successful reimbursement begins at, well, the beginning, at the point of patient access. There’s little hope for clean submissions of claims after patients have received care when the registration of those patients is marred with errors. Your ability to collect is compromised from the get-go.

Beyond the point of access, there are other crucial steps to be addressed. Those include the identification of coverage (charitable, government or third-party), recurring opportunities to relate to and prepare patients who are self-pay, measures to ensure medical necessity, as well as modern payment alternatives to remove barriers to collecting the money that’s due. Clearly, the bases need to be loaded in order for revenue management to be fully effective.

The good news is that technology exists to aid in all aspects of revenue cycle management, but professional services, experts working alongside your staff in challenging areas like eligibility screening and enrollment, is an approach to strengthening your revenue cycle. Technology coupled with professional services can integrate into all aspects of hospitals’ revenue cycles, like an ultimate display of teamwork. As the recent Academy Award-nominated, baseball-themed film Moneyball depicts, it is possible to cross home plate and win the game through calculation and placing people where they can be better optimized. Technology and professional services empowers healthcare providers to load the bases and take approach to collecting revenue rather than just swinging in hopes of getting reimbursed.

But don’t just read about it here, get details from a true major leaguer. View a recent webcast led by Vi Shaffer, Vice President of Research with Gartner, the global leader in Information Technology Research, to learn how technology coupled with professional services offers an end-to-end solution in the ever-changing game of healthcare reimbursement. The webcast also includes insight from our Senior Vice President of Provider Services, Ed Caldwell.

Watch the webcast, complete with video and full transcript, today!

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