HFMA Webinar: "Stop Misdiagnosing Undiscovered Eligibility as Self-Pay: Strategies for Optimizing Patient Access"

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This program will explore resources available to help proactive and forward-thinking hospitals address the reimbursement risk associated with their uninsured patient population. By optimizing processes and leveraging technology and professional services to discover funding sources through federal, state and community benefit programs, providers can become advocates for the uninsured in their communities.

In this session, Sentara will share their experiences and strategies for optimizing eligibility verification and enrollment for qualified patients to improve the providers’ bottom line.

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Brenda Loper
Director of Patient Registration Services
Sentara Healthcare

Steve Kilguss
Vice President of Product Management

After This Webinar You Will Be Able To:

• Identify the common short-falls and limitations of home-grown eligibility determination programs

• Describe why most patients who are qualified for government and charity care won’t ever apply without your help cutting through the red-tape

• Discuss how to put technology and workflow processes in place to assist indigent patients in qualifying for public assistance programs

• Develop a strategy for managing your uninsured patient base to generate meaningful incremental cash flow

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