Make a Statement When Sending Statements

Maximize Your Messaging with Versatile, Affordable Patient Statement Inserts

When it comes to keeping patients informed, there’s no such thing as “too much communication,” especially regarding billing and payment. That’s why it’s important for providers to use every point of patient contact as an opportunity to meaningfully connect.

Did you know that patient statements can offer frequent and cost effective opportunities to communicate with your patients? Every patient receives them; every patient is compelled to open, read and keep them. With the inclusion of informational inserts, letters or brochures, your patient statement mailings can become more than a basic communication of financial status and expectation. They can become effective communication tools that reach an attentive audience.

Here are just a few of the many ways hospitals can use statement inserts to maximize patient friendly communications.

• Highlight key points about the statement itself. Inserts provide a convenient way to explain updates or changes to patient statements. When a statement format changes, patients often need guidance to understand their new bill. By creating a “Guide to Understanding Your Bill” that includes a picture of the newly designed sample statement with a brief explanation of where to find key pieces of information, you can cut down on the number of phone calls from patients asking "how to read" their new statement.

• Announce new financial services, policies or procedures. Inserts can also be used to convey important news regarding services, policies or procedures relevant to patient billing. Adding new bill payment options for patients to pay over the phone or online? Adding an insert in your patient statements highlighting the relevant phone number and bill payment website can help drive adoption of these new services.

• Share updates or reminders about hospital events, locations or programs. Inserts can announce news regarding the opening of new facilities or clinic locations or the launch of expanded services. In addition, they can also help remind recipients of previously announced news, reinforcing overall patient communications campaigns.

• Offer patients the chance to submit input. Inserts can be used to collect input or information from recipients. You can create a quick survey to get feedback or encourage recipients to submit current contact or insurance information. The completed form can simply be included when payments are mailed back.

Another compelling reason to use inserts? They’re cost effective. Rather than sending separate mailings to announce important news and information, hospitals can power-pack updates into their patient statements. For only the cost of printing, inserts maximize the usefulness of statement mailings exponentially.

Also, statement inserts support the HFMA’s PATIENT FRIENDLY BILLING® initiatives. Patient friendly billing practices advocate making information accessible while reaching patients frequently and directly with pertinent updates.

Make a positive statement about your commitment to patient friendly billing practices. Call 877.EMDEON.6 (877.363.3666) or visit us online to discover how Emdeon Patient Communications can provide companion print and mail services to keep your patients informed.

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