HFMA Webinar: Strategies for Increasing Patient Adoption of Online Payment

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Hospitals risk paying the hidden costs associated with inefficient manual processes when using traditional outbound patient billing and inbound payment collection methods.

Traditionally speaking, patients were limited to two payment options—either paying in person or mailing their check to the provider. Unfortunately, the “paperwork prison” (the excessive administrative costs and hassle associated with collecting paper-based patient payments such as sorting and opening mail, posting patient payments, creating deposit tickets and making trips to the bank) actually reduces the net amount that providers get to keep.

Proactive providers are now including online payment options to avoid the “paperwork prison” while empowering patients with payment flexibility.

Register now to attend an HFMA Webinar July 7th 3:00 to 4:30 pm Eastern to hear more about this topic! In this session, Baptist Health Systems will share strategies for increasing patient adoption of online payment for patient-owed amounts.

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