The Latest on CMS System Performance Issues: What You Need to Know

Emdeon Continues Leadership Role in Addressing Outages with CMS & Testing New Solutions

Since last fall, providers nationwide have dealt with Medicare Part A & B processing issues during eligibility and benefits verification. The toll on time and productivity is significant. From moment one of the dilemma, Emdeon has been on the case, acting as an advocate of the provider community to seek resolution with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Here’s the latest news on this important issue with a recap of action to date since the last edition of our eNewsletter.

Where We Stand Today
CMS has announced that the revised application will be deployed in April. Until that time, they are focusing efforts and resources on thoroughly developing and testing the revised HETS 270/271 application that will alleviate the Medicare Part A & B processing issues during eligibility and benefits verification. Progress has been made but more time is required for completion.

CMS shared its progress on 5010 via a conference call on March 3, 2011. For assistance with the current HETS 270/271 application or to share comments with CMS, you can reach them directly through their Medicare Customer Assistance Regarding Eligibility (MCARE) Help Desk at 866.324.7315.

Previous Activity
Last fall, Emdeon CEO, George Lazenby, met with CMS in Washington, D.C. to directly address the processing issues affecting the provider community, as well as to offer aid. At that time, the CMS team confirmed they were working to create technology to eliminate these issues, and Lazenby solidified Emdeon’s role in testing any revised application prior to systemwide launch as needed.

Unfortunately, the CMS’s early December release of the revised application did not function properly upon deployment (though initial testing had proven effective) and was quickly replaced by the original application. Since that time, CMS has continued development, working with a cloned version of the system to conduct active testing. Emdeon has been involved in this testing and has seen significant reduction in timed out or lost Medicare Part A & B transactions due to delayed CMS response.

As your advocate to the CMS, we are in regular communication with the development team and are integrally involved in further testing. Because we greatly understand the impact of these issues on your productivity and performance, we factor your priorities and standards into all points of contact and testing occasions accordingly.

Of course, Emdeon will keep you posted regarding this important issue through resolution. Stay tuned for more update emails and information in the Summer edition of the Emdeon Compass.

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