Case in Point: Clark & Daughtrey Medical Group Partners with Emdeon

A Quest to refine claims management leads
A Quest to Refine Claims Management Leads to the Redefining of Business Operations

After a quarter century of leading business operations for medical practices, Noemi Rodriguez, MBA, CPC, is not easy to impress. With her advanced knowledge and experience managing people and processes, Rodriguez, who serves as Director of Business Operations for Lakeland’s Clark & Daughtrey Medical Group, is a consummate professional exceptionally discerning in the selection of product partners for revenue cycle management.

So, just what products would make Rodriguez start and end a partner search in one review and claim “where (have you) been all of my life… (it’s) like a marriage made in heaven!”? The cause of this response is Emdeon’s end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Solutions and the resulting measurable improvements that have evoked such unbridled support.

In her quest to refine Clark & Daughtrey’s antiquated claims management system, Rodriguez first reviewed Emdeon Claim Master and quickly discovered this one application alone was capable of far more than she and her team imagined. When introduced to the accompanying suite of Revenue Cycle Management Solutions, Rodriguez made the decision to integrate a full array of Emdeon applications, thus redefining Clark & Daughtrey’s entire business operations.

Today Clark & Daughtrey, a multi-location, multispecialty, outpatient practice caring for upwards of 10,000 patients monthly, is benefactor of over seven months’ worth of not just improved, but renewed operations. In partnering with Emdeon, Rodriguez has found the progressive support the practice demands to handle its ever-altering and growing workflow.

This is a true success story, as the specific results and Rodriguez’s praise attests. The complete, compelling success story including details about challenges, goals and impressive outcomes can be found in the Clark & Daughtrey Case Study. Read all the stats and specifics about how Emdeon helped Clark & Daughtrey achieve:

- reduction of AR days
- staffing efficiencies, including elimination of FTEs
- improved cash flow
- strategies for long term success

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