Stay Connected with Patients through Informative Statement Inserts

Networking with Customers
Take full advantage of your patient communications
Looking for an economical and easy way to improve the connection with your patients? Our patient statement inserts are a personal, effective and economical method to keep in touch. In most cases, no additional postage is required because the inserts are included with documents that are already going to the patients. Simply contact Emdeon with the details you want to communicate, and we can create a custom insert just for you. Or, you may choose from any of our existing stock inserts, and we’ll customize it with your logo.

What are some of the ways inserts can help you connect?
• Announcement of New Physician
• Announcement of New Office or Location
• Change of Address Notice
• Changes in the Billing Cycle
• Promotion of Online Patient Billing and Payment Feature
• Promotion of a New Product or Service
• Instructions on Reading a Redesigned Patient Statement
• Promotion of National Health Awareness Observances
• Education on Important Health Topics

Any message you need to communicate to your patients can be executed effectively and economically with a timely statement insert. To learn more about Emdeon Patient Communications or to add an insert to your next round of statements, call 800.537.7563 ext. 73151 or visit us online.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:I have a different idea for an insert. Can Emdeon help me design an insert to my specification?
A: Yes, we can. We will work with you to customize an insert to meet your needs.

Q: I need an insert designed and sent in a short timeframe. How much time do you normally require for the completion of the insert process?
A: We usually require 5 to 7 business days for a standard insert to be designed, approved and printed.

Q: Can we add our company logo to the insert?
A: Absolutely. Inserts can be customized to meet your needs.

Q: How are inserts priced?
A: Pricing for inserts is based on volume and customization.