Bringing Simplicity to the Era of Change

Simplicity & Synergy at Emdeon
Streamlining the claims lifecycle
As you know, healthcare billing and payment is changing. It seems to be all anyone can talk about these days, but change isn't exactly what everyone wants from the business of healthcare moving forward. What providers really need is improvement to manage the changes in healthcare billing and payment and more specifically to simplify the business of healthcare. The healthcare industry needs a way to make the claims lifecycle more automated and less prone to errors and delays.

Emdeon knows the importance of Simplifying the Business of Healthcare and has solutions that work together to make the claiming process, denial management, payment reconciliation and payment posting an integrated process that focuses on getting you paid faster and more accurately to increase profitability. In using Emdeon Claim Master, Emdeon Payment Manager and Emdeon Denial Manager together: delays go down and profitability goes up.

Emdeon Claim Master provides a single interface to manage claims to nearly all commercial and government payers. It’s unique tools aid decision support, manage workflow and prioritize resources that result in improved efficiency and increased revenue. Primary and secondary claims can be submitted, corrected and tracked through the power of the web. Automated features reduce errors and oversights to increase first-pass acceptance rates and reduce outstanding Accounts Receivable days. Once claims are adjudicated and approved, all relevant information will be passed on to Emdeon Payment Manager to continue the payment process.

After the claiming cycle is complete, Emdeon Payment manager can facilitate electronic funds transfers (EFTs) from the largest network of payers in the industry and increase the visibility of remittance data. By coupling electronic remittance information with electronic claims payments, Emdeon Payment Manager shortens the reimbursement cycle, dramatically reduces expenses and streamlines workflow. You can also save time because paper checks can be eliminated when EFTs are deposited directly into your account. Convenient and easy-to-read reports accurately account for all payments, including amounts and payers for each transaction, to ensure accuracy and speed.

Unfortunately, sometimes claims do require further adjustments before any payment can be made. In this case, Emdeon Denial Manager is a must-have solution. Emdeon Denial Manager organizes and manages your entire remittance inventory to help staff arrange, prioritize and monitor denials and underpayments while helping them accurately report and view the denied and adjusted amounts. Once the claim is corrected, Emdeon Claim Master resubmits and Emdeon Payment manager takes over for the payment process. Remittance information from the claim is also added to your library and over time this information can be analyzed by Denial Manager to expose root causes, reoccurring patterns and other breakdowns that lead to denials. With a little proactive adjustment, you can see a dramatic reduction in denied claims and accelerated cash flow.

At Emdeon, we understand that the synergy and combined value between such versatile solutions helps simplify your claim and payment processes. By reducing the errors, delays, confusion and lost revenue a disjointed claiming and payment process creates, you can focus on improving new areas of staff efficiency and the patient experience. Together these solutions combine to form some of the many ways we're streamlining the claims process and Simplifying the Business of Healthcare.

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